...is a nomadic archearchal nanonation gameworld delivering transformational trainings, evolutionary processes, and authentic adulthood and archetypal initiations to ecovillages, groups, and individuals through the tools, thoughtmaps, and processes of Possibility Management.


    What makes a Possibilican a Possibilican is their love of the other Possibilicans and their love of the gameworld of Possibilica.



    Is a music band still a music band even if the musicians are not on stage performing together? Yes. Does a school exist even on the weekends? Yes. For the time being in Possibilica our physical location is determined by the invitations we receive to perform.

    You can only surf a wave when you are at the wave. For the time being, we are largely nomadic, following the waves.

    For example, during this past month Possibilicans were busily delivering 3 Initiation workshops at the GEN-Europe conference at Lilleoru, Estonia, 3 Inner Activism and Gameworld Builder workshops at Liminal Village at Boom! Festival in Portugal, a Sword and Chocolate intimacy talk and workshop in Lausanne, Switzerland, personal healing and initiation processes at the New Culture Summer Camp in Eugene, Oregon, and Expand The Box training and Possibility Lab in Melbourne, Australia. The near future is calling us to South Africa, New Zealand, Japan, and Brazil, in addition to European requests in Nederlands, Estonia, Spain, Romania, and Lithuania.

    Like Gandalf goes when and where he is needed, we are on the road. Being a transformational road-warrior requires a strong center and clear grounding-cord connection to Gaia.



    It turns out that human beings interact with each other through the gameworlds we make up out of nothing and agree to play together. For example, soccer is a gameworld. If you change one rule in soccer - such as allowing 2 balls, or requiring each team to have one camel - you would have an entirely different gameworld.

    A school is a gameworld. How do you play? Register, sit in rows, take notes, try to get the best grade.

    Money is a gameworld. How do you play? Believe that bits of paper or digits in a computer have value. Then whoever dies with the most money wins.

    One way to get money is to play in the gameworld called 'having a job.' J.O.B. stands for Just Over Broke. How do you play? Apply to a company. If they like you, you sign a contract to do what they tell you to do even if you don't want to do it or they will fire you. If you agree they give you money in exchange for each hour you are their slave.

    When you have some money you can play the gameworld of banks and credit cards. How do you play? Pay a bank to keep your money safe, then pay them to give your money to others with the credit card.

    Being a citizen of a country is a gameworld. Buying insurance is a gameworld. Driving a car is a gameworld. We live in a maze of gameworlds. What if you become conscious of that? What if you give yourself the power to choose what gameworlds you play in? Why bother? Because you support the values of the gameworlds you play in.

    Zombies are people who pretend to be unaware of the values of the gameworlds they play in.

    Buckminster Fuller said, approximately, "You don't change things by fighting the existing gameworlds. You change things my building new gameworlds that make the current gameworlds irrelevant." Don't be left behind playing in a stupid gameworld. More info at: http://gameworldbuilders.org.


    Modern culture leaves out a crucial element to you becoming a powerful adult. They leave out initiation.

    Do you think this is an accident?

    What is initiation? Is is not ritual or ceremony. It is not giving your authority away to the ancestors or the traditions of the tribe.

    The kind of authentic adulthood initiations and archetypal initiations needed now are transformational processes after which you are responsible for things you may never have thought you could be responsible for before.

    Nobody can get initiated for you. More interestingly, nobody can stop you from getting initiated.

    To learn about adulthood and archetypal initiations please visit http://www.initiations.org.

    ...possibility management?

    At first we regarded Possibility Management as a path of development that could activate personal potentials for a more satisfying life. However, in 2007, after encountering J.F. Rischard's astonishing book: High Noon: 20 Global Problems and 20 Years to Solve Them (published in 2003!), it became clear that Possibility Management was actually regenerative-culture thoughtware-upgrades...

    Possibility Management provides clarity about thinking, feeling, relating, and evolving which could increase the chances that human beings have a future on planet Earth.

    When we realizd this our diligence about delivering our services amplified ten-fold. For more information about Possibility Management please visit http://possibilitymanagement.org, and for invitations to participate in Possibility Management rapid-learning environments, please visit various categories of offerings in the calendar at http://www.possibilitymanagement/calendar.


    Since 2008 Possibilican change-agents have provided both individuals and entire projects from the Global Ecovillage Network with context-deepening thoughtware-upgrades, plus healing and initiatory processes.

    The evolutionary benefits have been remarkable and sustainable.

    Possibilica is listed on the GEN ecovillage website here: https://ecovillage.org/project/possibilica/










    "Just because you are not aware of a certain distinction does not mean this distinction is not seriously influencing the quality of your life."


    - Clinton Callahan, Transformational Circle Alchemist


    NOTE: If you are playing START OVER...

    reading any of the websites listed below earns you 1 matrix point! Doing the proposed experiments and practices gets you even more matrix points!



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